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The latest from Bryant Garvin (@BryantGarvin). The Dr House of #PPC | Husband & Father | Speaker | #PPCChat Regular | #LDS. Mesa, AZ.

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Phoenix, Arizona Area - ‎The Dr House of PPC | In-Depth PPC Audits and Consulting
Connect with Bryant Garvin |The Dr House of PPC on LinkedIn. Ask him how you can have your PPC Program diagnosed and treated for a variety of ailments like, lackadaisical managem...

How To Exclude Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps can be the bane of a PPC marketer's GDN Campaign. Find out how to exclude mobile apps in one simple step with this secret...

Optimal Keyword Match Type Structure
The best account and keyword match type structures often require a good amount of work, but using Bryant Garvin's Core and Expansion...

Bing Ads Search Partners | Author Bryant Garvin
If you aren't using this simple technique in BingAds you are missing out on one of the biggest differentiators between AdWords ...

PPC Audits by The Dr House of PPC
Meaty PPC Audits by Bryant Garvin - Paid Search Audits with deep analysis, laid out actionable tasks, and executive...