Agency employee's miss the owner mentality, & most 'PPC Gurus' just aren't involved in the day to day of paid media anymore!

95% of the companies I consult with spending more than $20,000 a month on advertising find thousands of dollars in wasted spend that is easily identified and removed in a one hour call with me.

Would cutting thousands of dollars in waste within minutes make a difference to your business?

How about learning how to reinvest that spend you were wasting today to make you tens of thousands more starting tomorrow?

Are you currently working with an “agency”? Do you really understand everything they are doing or how it could be improved?

Who holds your agency accountable?

Do you want more sales?

Would you like to reduce your dependency on AdWords?

Are you struggling with how to “handle” mobile?

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What Are People Saying?

Johnathan Dane KlientBoost
Johnathan Dane
Bryant is one of the only people in the world that I would ever turn to when I have no idea WTF is going on in the world of something related to PPC. Not only is he an unbelievably likable guy, but I don't know anyone who wants to continually improve his craft and at the same time help people in any stage of their business growth. His PPC intelligence is unmatched, his understanding of CRO is far beyond your average split testing, and his commitment to true ROI should make you ecstatic to work with him. If I could steal a brain from someone, it would be Bryant's
Aj Wilcox B2Linked
AJ Wilcox
Bryant is one of the sharpest minds in digital marketing and conversion today. World-renowned for his AdWords/Bing Ads prowess, he is one of the early pioneers to discover the power of retargeting, and more specifically, social audience retargeting. Time and time again, he's increased client returns in the 4x+ range through mobile conversion testing and user flows. I can't say enough about what Bryant is able to do for clients!
Greg Dalby Oakley
Greg Dalby

Bryant is a silver bullet in the world of SEM, with a keen eye for quick wins in both ad and conversion optimization. He has a no-nonsense approach to his work and wastes no time in coming to the table with concrete recommendations at the tactical and strategic level. Working with Bryant was a pleasure and I'd easily recommend him to any organization looking to improve their SEM and Conversion performance.

What Do I Focus On?

Profit Maximization

Everything I do will be to help your company maximize revenue growth. Not just ROI, or CPA, but the cold hard cash in your bank account at the end of the month.

Unlock Your Potential

Let me help you unlock the full potential of your products, your marketing, and your growth potential. You need someone who can understand your business, and it’s specific opportunities and challenges

More than just traffic

Getting people to visit your site, is honestly the easy part. It’s the rest of the puzzle that we need to fix, to help you achieve the growth you want

A Few Companies I Have Worked With

New Braunfels Smokehouse

Even my wife, finds it easier to get ahold of me on Twitter!

Purna Virji BingAds
Purna Virji
Bryant is passionate, brilliant, dedicated and driven. He's a top-class search marketer who goes out of the way to constantly hone his knowledge. Over the years I, along with hundreds of others, have learned a lot from him. He is fully vested in his clients' success and will seek to find the best ways to hit their goals. I admire Bryant greatly and am thrilled to recommend him.

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