Bryant Garvin PPC Expert

yeah i’m that cool 😉

If you are here, you are more than likely looking to find out more information about – The #PPCDictator as I have come to be called. Below are some of the main points why both Paid Media “experts”, as well as companies ranging from SMB to Fortune 500 have sought me out for Paid Media consulting, Conversion Rate Optimization, PPC training, and PPC audits.

  • Over 9 years of Online Performance Marketing and Branding Experience
  • Built and Trained both In-House and Agency teams
  • Focus on integrated marketing solutions – Knock Down The Walls Between Your Marketing Silos!
  • Designed and implemented a complete Paid Media marketing program for Fortune 500 Company, including changing funding mechanism.
  • One Audit saved over $400k a year in wasted spend, which was reinvested in growth & positive ROI Channels
  • Complete Sales & Marketing audits, to help fix the whole funnel – PPC is just one piece of what drives your business.
  • Ensure B2B companies, have best in class tracking implemented from click or call, to lead, and finally conversion. You can’t fix, what you can’t track!
  • I tell you what’s best for you, even if you won’t like to hear it

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a nice guy… but I’m not afraid to hurt some feelings, to help you improve your marketing and your team! I am focused on the bottom-line. It doesn’t mean I don’t get “branding”, because I do. But “branding” is a means to an end. It is a way for you to stand out in a marketplace, so at the end of the day, you have more Revenue & Profits!

I am actively involved in both the Local and National marketing communities. I believe integrity is first and foremost in everything I and the companies I help are and do. Like my father told me – “Your Honor, is the only thing you have to choose to freely give away. Nobody can take your honor from you!”You Have to Give Your Honor Away It Can't Be Taken

I have limited availability for consulting currently, but for an opportunity I can get excited about we can figure something out.

Turn around time, for audits is currently 2 weeks – Rush requests will be taken on a case by case basis.

To request an audit or to check my availability for consulting fill out this request form or email me Bryant[at]bryantgarvin[dot]com