The Mumbo Jumbo

(Read it so we can get back to the fun!)

You know what I mean that legalese , fine print, disclaimer stuff everyone has to put all over the place these days because somebody, someplace, sometime, is going to get themselves in a tizzy over something that I did or did not say in a a way I meant to say it.  So that being said – anything I say, record, post, tweet, put in video, etc. whether on this site, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, (any other social media site) or any other post of mine on any other site across the internet are my views and opinions alone.  They are not the views of any company I have worked for or currently work for or any of their subsidiaries.

With the above being said I also want to clearly state that not all of the views and opinions stated and expressed by companies and people I have associated with in the past or currently are mine either and should not be held as such against me.  Each individual is just that their own person with their own unique views, experiences, life and rights. Make sure we all treat each other with mutual respect based upon the interactions we have with each other.

I am opinionated and freely spout those opinions and views at times.  If you disagree or have concerns with anything I write or post about and would like to discuss it you can always comment (as discussed below) or contact me.



Bottom Line – I love them!  Hopefully you love Giving them!

Just try to be polite, refrain from vulgarities (cuss words), and make them productive.  I’ll admit I love hearing I’m doing a good job, but love even more knowing how.  I also am big on improving, so please let me know if you don’t like something, or have constructive criticism.  From time to time I will write a post which may be controversial or designed to get people to think.  Make sure to be civil and remember that everyone comes from different backgrounds and is entitled to their opinions.  Most of all have fun, life throws enough tough times at us we should learn to throw some fun back at it.