Who’s Better: Google or Bing?

March 13, 2014 - 2 minutes read

We have a winner!

Liberty Smiling & Beautiful 1st Birthday

Did you think I was really going to layout for you which search engine was the best? I can… but I won’t today. Nope, today I am going to ask you which is better (scroll to the bottom if you hate all things cute).

Some friends at Google as well as at Bing when they found out we were having our little miracle Libby, sent us some swag for her. Well because she is a petite, cute little girl she was finally able to wear them just a couple days ago. I thought what better way to celebrate the 1st birthday of a little PPC girl, than by dressing her up in the swag and taking pictures.

First up we have Bing


Bing Is the New Orange

Bing is the New Orange

Where's The Bottle Onesie

Where’s The Bottle?

Paparazzi Stop

Paparazzi Stop

That is quite the onesie if you ask me. And paired with the flower in her hair… I’m not sure if Google can compete but let’s see.

Google’s In the House

Wearing Google Onesie

Yay I’m Wearing Google!

Green With Google Envy

Green With Google Envy


Patty Cake

Patty Cake

Wow with that pretty plaid skirt ensemble and the pink bow in her hair, it really complements the green Google onesie.

But which one is Better? Google Or Bing?

I really can’t pick between the two, so help me out – and our industry 😉 – by casting your vote for which one did a better job with the baby swag, Google or Bing.

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If you couldn’t tell I’m a proud PPC Daddy…