I love helping companies save and make more money. The easiest way to work with me is simply use the Square Appointments app below to setup a time.

Mike Deiure
We hired Bryant to do a PPC Audit on some of our big accounts and it was an investment well spent! Even though we are a small agency with only a handful of clients, it's very easy to overlook certain optimization strategies and or opportunities for growth and expansion… Especially when your managing large accounts. Within a few minutes of reviewing an account, Bryant was able to spot adjustments to settings that helped to increase the volume of traffic we were getting as well as how to better utilize Google's optimization tools to help reduce our cost per lead. Also, with years of PPC management experience, Bryant knows some super ninja and back door tricks that you won't find in Google's documentation which work with their algorithms to help give you a competitive advantage over other advertisers in your niche. Bryant is a straight shooter is doesn't sugar coat or waste time. He'll get right to the chase and help you maximize your PPC efforts and see a quick return on your investment with him.

I have VERY limited availability for long term management of accounts & I am very specific with who I work with on those.

I do however set aside time to do consultations and “live audits”. Simply select which option fits your needs below.

If you are awesome (or already know me) and think we can get along well shoot me an email to consulting[at]bryantgarvin.com and if you really are cool I may give you my Awesome People I Love to Work With Discount (it’s worth it trust me)

Greg Dalby Oakley
Greg Dalby

Bryant is a silver bullet in the world of SEM, with a keen eye for quick wins in both ad and conversion optimization. He has a no-nonsense approach to his work and wastes no time in coming to the table with concrete recommendations at the tactical and strategic level. Working with Bryant was a pleasure and I'd easily recommend him to any organization looking to improve their SEM and Conversion performance.